Mission Statement

At ClubNed, we promote the adult use of cannabis: a natural, completely harmless plant which has been shown to help or cure many different afflictions and has been in use for centuries.

We are a group of educated, responsible, consenting adults who choose to enhance our lives and health naturally. We are your neighbor, your friend, your coworker, even your grandparents.

We at ClubNed want to end the misguided and unfair judgment from people who are simply uninformed or misinformed about the many benefits of cannabis. We want to erase the negative stigma surrounding such a beneficial plant. By welcoming adults from all walks of life into our safe and private club, we want to provide cannabis and especially non-cannabis users, a positive living example of the enriching impact cannabis can have, so they may make an informed decision. Many of those against this herb think we should have a drink or take a pill instead. Considering that alcohol kills 85,000 people annually, tobacco 435,000, and prescription side effects 32,000, we choose cannabis and demand & expect others to uphold our right to choose.

This is a private, membership only, adult club.  The owners are 26 year residents of Nederland as well as established business owners. We are from the community, for the community, and want to contribute to the community in as many ways as possible. We look for ways to donate to area nonprofits & we will be actively looking for opportunities to give back to the community.

This club is about mutual respect and having fun.  We are here to provide a safe, cozy atmosphere where you can interact with your friends who are cannabis friendly. You do not have to use cannabis to be a member. There will be food, fun, education, community interaction and relaxation. There is a code of conduct which will be strictly adhered to, to protect ALL our patrons. NO alcohol is allowed on premises in order to promote and protect a peaceful atmosphere. We obey all state and local laws and we will not permit any behaviors outside of these guidelines. We want everyone to have fun safely and responsibly.