Congratulations and Thank you for your work Pioneering work Cheryl and David.
— Bruce Barcott "Weed the People" Author
Awesome Atmosphere! In AN Awesome Location. Definitely worth the trip!
— Cris
We wait all year to come home. :) Best Vacation Ever!! :)
— Nancy From Wisconsin
Home away from home
— E.B. Denver, CO
Wow! This place is super chill! Never thought Iā€™d see something like this! Thank you ClubNed for a wonderful experience! Our Colorado trip was killer!
— C.P. Lincoln, NE
An awesome place, an amazing experience + super fun conversation. Thank You!
— T.M. Texas
How sweet it is to enjoy legal weed in a friendly atmosphere. So happy to participate in the demise of prohibition. Thanks for breaking ground with this historic cannabis cafe. Thanks for a fun space to relax. Peace!
— Zoe
Greatest Club to be a member!
— Nancy WI