Sativa, Indica or Hybrid-It's Not Just Pot Anymore

Every day at Club Ned, we meet new people who have gone to the dispensary (also known as the candy store) and come here with all kinds of goodies. The problem is, they don't know anything about what they just bought and are about to smoke. 

Whether recreational or medicinal, a little knowledge goes a long way towards enjoying your experience. What activities will you be doing after you smoke? Relaxing? Sleeping? Hiking? Cleaning? You can choose a strain that will be perfect for whatever activity you choose.

There are thousands and thousands of strains. I often recommend that people keep a journal of what they liked and what they didn't. Over time, a pattern will emerge and you will be able to buy and enjoy strains that you know you will enjoy, instead of choosing blindly. 

Indicas: These are relaxing, pain relieving and stress relieving. Some Indicas are heavier than others and give you what is called "couch lock".  Some are less so and will relax you but not put you to sleep.  Some people call this the "body high".

Sativas: These are energetic and psychoactive. These strains are great for focus, physical activities like hiking, and wakefulness. Some strains are pure energy, like a Sour Diesel or Durban Poison. They are very "ampy" and can be too much for some people. There are other Sativas that are more like a strong cup of coffee as opposed to a shot of espresso. Many people call this the "head high".

Hybrids: These are a mix of the 2 types. They can be different percentages of Indica/Sativa, more Sativa or more Indica, of differing ratios. Every person is different and somewhere is the perfect strain and balance of what you want or need. 

We always tell people to smell the flower to choose. It's not just a matter of "that's nice smelling cannabis". What we are looking for is, "I could take a bite of that". We call that the "Yum Factor". Your body knows what it needs. Your nose will tell you which strains are the best for your body. So follow your nose!

When beginning to use cannabis, or even if you're a seasoned user, it is best to start out slow with any new strain. You can always smoke more, but you can't smoke less. Within 10 minutes or less, you will begin to feel the effects. A Sativa will effect you much differently than an Indica will, and much of the cannabis you will experience in Colorado is very high grade quality. Go carefully to best enjoy your cannabis. Remember, it's not just pot anymore.