A Night in Ned

The husband and I started to become regular Saturday visitors of Club Ned once we moved to Colorado at the beginning of the summer. Usually, we’ll drive up in the late morning, enjoying the scenery along Canyon Drive/119 every time. We’d normally hang out all day, visiting with people stopping in and hanging out with Cheryl and Dave. After 420, we’d ease up on the green fun to handle the drive back down to Boulder (usually taking the Peak to Peak highway home cause it’s a gorgeous drive).

With the Club Ned monthly potluck on the last Saturday of the month falling on the weekend of the Super Moon, we knew we wanted to stay in Ned overnight to enjoy the festivities. NedFest also fell on that weekend so we knew to try to book a room ASAP. The local hotel was booked up so we did some airbnb research and came across a place we could stay for the night that was less expensive than the local hotel. We were glad to get it as more NedFesters were looking for accommodations if they weren’t camping out. And the hosts, Sharon and Burt, were well spoken for at Club Ned.

This particular Saturday, armed with some Bruce Banner #3 and a homemade pasta salad I made the night before, we headed into the mountains for our 24 hours in Nederland, with a good 3/4s of the time to be spent at Club Ned. Once we got to that familiar point in our drive when we first start catching glimpses of the reservoir, we noticed that NedFest was being held down near the water so any anxieties about parking at Club Ned evaporated.

Cheryl and Dave were knocking out tasks preparing for the potluck when we arrived. But before too long, a bowl was passed around and Nikki popped in to say hello (check out Nikki’s Nook right next door when you’re in town). Before too long a couple other guys came by and another bowl started its rounds. One guy spoke about working for large music festivals and his experiences in South America working on them. His stories were excellently entertaining and reminded me of one of the many reasons I like to spend time at Club Ned--you never know who will walk in, smoke some herb with you, and share some stories. I really dig that, personally.

As the early afternoon hours ticked by (and time goes by SO fast at the Club, seriously), an activist and organizer of CHA stopped by before going down to NedFest. It was cool talking to her about taking online classes to become more knowledgeable about working in the cannabis industry. Had a few laughs, a few hits, and off she went. But not before I could snag one of her promo cards for her online courses.

About an hour before 420, we headed down to Sharon and Burt’s to check in for our stay later in the evening. Burt greeted us and we settled in quickly, advising what time we’d be back that night as a courtesy since the room we booked was in their home. The room was perfect. Cleaner and much nicer than a standard hotel room. Lots of books on the shelves and great products in the bathroom (I have since fallen in love with the Meyer’s hand soap she had out for her guests). We knew we were gonna be comfortable for the night.

Sweetpea @Club Ned

Back in plenty of time for 420, a few people left only to be replaced by a very nice lady who comes up to visit from Denver. More often than not, most people who come in sit at what I’ve nicknamed The Family Table. The Club dogs, Charlie and Sweet Pea, have no problem sitting in your chair to hold it for you should you get up. Lou is content to warm your feet for you while stretched out under the table. When you sit down, break out some cannabis and get in on the rotation. I dig the Bring Your Own Cannabis policy because you can try different strains from area dispensaries or someone’s amazing homegrown while sharing what you’ve brought in, concentrates or flower. By 420, a lovely rotation was going; a pipe here, a bong there. It’s always a blast.

During the afternoon, Cheryl was prepping food for the potluck. A group of 5 or 6 middle aged tourists came through and Dave offered them a seat at the Family Table or any of the other tables if they wanted more privacy. They sat off from the rest of us but seemed like a nice bunch of people who were appreciative of all the information Dave provided them with. That’s another nice thing about Club Ned--no matter what kind of experience you have with cannabis, Dave and Cheryl are always happy to answer questions to help expand your knowledge.

Heading into early evening, more people started to show up for the potluck and more bowls, the occasional dab, and joints could also be found in the rotation. Keep in mind that just cause it’s passed to you, it doesn’t mean you have to hit it. It can be very easy to get super elevated spending a few hours at Club Ned. If you gotta back off whatever is being shared, no one’s gonna give you shit over it. As the 7pm hour began to roll around, Matt and Dave had the food spread was out and a local trio began playing some rock standards. It was nice to have dinner and a show.

Naturally, there was medicated food available and sorted to one side of the spread accordingly. And all of them were delicious. Cheryl’s pesto was amazing (and we got to see the beautiful cannabutter she made before dinner was served) alongside Dave’s garlic bread. The fudge and ginger chewies (not quite sure that’s the name for them but it seemed fitting) were awesome. There was plenty of non medicated options as well. The bbq meatballs and deviled eggs went fast. I had never tried rhubarb pie in my life and had two options to try, both homemade and both incredible.

The Family Table became like musical chairs, people eating then moving so others could have a seat or a toke. I sat next to a gentleman from Virginia who was quiet at first but then offered up some shatter after my husband and I finished eating. He was a pretty swell guy, offering up live resin and shatter dabs to anyone who wanted one. I would’ve liked the chance to talk to this very cool couple who have been married for 55 years and have spent the last 17 years travelling and experiencing life. I enjoyed their stories just the same. I also had the chance to speak with a gentleman about the medical benefits of cannabis and he shared some hummingbird oil with us.

I spent most of the evening outside, waiting for the Super Moon to finally appear, listening to the band play and fellow stoners’ laughter. While outside, I engaged in a conversation with an activist from Parents 4 Pot. It was a great discussion while we observed a beautifully full and bright moon. The last couple hours were spent toking off an occasional bowl inside the Club and spending time outside on the deck (no cannabis consumption outside, only inside). By the time 10pm rolled around, the “Open” sign was shut off and people started to slowly gravitate back out into the world. I was certainly feeling the effects of a few dabs and more than a few bowls by this point as was my husband.

We thanked our hosts for a most wonderful day before the short drive back to Sharon and Burt’s. Nedfest was winding down for the night. It wasn’t long before we were comfortably asleep, right before midnight. At 8am the next morning, we were up getting ready to head back down to Boulder. After thanking Sharon for our stay (we’d totally book the room again) and a hot chocolate run, we were cruising along the Peak to Peak Highway, taking the long way home. The whole way back, we constantly agreed on one thing: we seriously have to do another night in Ned.

Mara K. Eton
Mara is local resident to the area and frequent visitor of Club Ned. Check out her book, "The Hypocrites", found on www.areyouahypocrite.net/

Sativa, Indica or Hybrid-It's Not Just Pot Anymore

Every day at Club Ned, we meet new people who have gone to the dispensary (also known as the candy store) and come here with all kinds of goodies. The problem is, they don't know anything about what they just bought and are about to smoke. 

Whether recreational or medicinal, a little knowledge goes a long way towards enjoying your experience. What activities will you be doing after you smoke? Relaxing? Sleeping? Hiking? Cleaning? You can choose a strain that will be perfect for whatever activity you choose.

There are thousands and thousands of strains. I often recommend that people keep a journal of what they liked and what they didn't. Over time, a pattern will emerge and you will be able to buy and enjoy strains that you know you will enjoy, instead of choosing blindly. 

Indicas: These are relaxing, pain relieving and stress relieving. Some Indicas are heavier than others and give you what is called "couch lock".  Some are less so and will relax you but not put you to sleep.  Some people call this the "body high".

Sativas: These are energetic and psychoactive. These strains are great for focus, physical activities like hiking, and wakefulness. Some strains are pure energy, like a Sour Diesel or Durban Poison. They are very "ampy" and can be too much for some people. There are other Sativas that are more like a strong cup of coffee as opposed to a shot of espresso. Many people call this the "head high".

Hybrids: These are a mix of the 2 types. They can be different percentages of Indica/Sativa, more Sativa or more Indica, of differing ratios. Every person is different and somewhere is the perfect strain and balance of what you want or need. 

We always tell people to smell the flower to choose. It's not just a matter of "that's nice smelling cannabis". What we are looking for is, "I could take a bite of that". We call that the "Yum Factor". Your body knows what it needs. Your nose will tell you which strains are the best for your body. So follow your nose!

When beginning to use cannabis, or even if you're a seasoned user, it is best to start out slow with any new strain. You can always smoke more, but you can't smoke less. Within 10 minutes or less, you will begin to feel the effects. A Sativa will effect you much differently than an Indica will, and much of the cannabis you will experience in Colorado is very high grade quality. Go carefully to best enjoy your cannabis. Remember, it's not just pot anymore.